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Study Spanish in Spain: Spanish courses in universities and Spanish schools to enjoy between different tourist environments. Spanish language schools offer intensive courses, specialized and combined with cultural and sports activities. You can find in the best Spanish course according your interest.

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Come to Spain: learn about documentation to study Spanish, visas, embassies, consulates, customs and tourist offices.
The weather in Spain. Information on average temperatures in cities to study Spanish in Spain.
Information on health and safety for students who want to learn Spanish in Spain.
Currency, payment, tips, taxes and more information to study in a Spanish school.
Information for your free time after Spanish classes in the school: business hours, opening times, Spanish holidays.
Tips to study Spanish in Spain on postal services, transports in Spain, international communications and Internet.
Spain and its regional languages and religious cults, to understand the culture of Spain and the Spanish people.
Driving cars, animals, measurement system, electricity, water, claims, Spanish culture and Spanish cuisine...

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don Quijote Residence Vallehermoso Madrid
It was a great choice. The residence is in an area with many shops and bars to the best Spanish immersion. I liked the residence and met wit good friends. more
Escuela Delengua Granada
Es war gut dass wir in kleinen Gruppen gearbeiten haben so konnte die Lehrerin die Fehler sofort korriegieren. Der Unterricht war interaktiv, wir haben die Möglichkeit über aktuellen Themen zu sprechen. Ich finde gut, dass wir jeden Tag... more

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The nobels of Spanish.
The first Nobel prize was awarded in 1901, a year after the creation of the Nobel Foundation and five years after the death of Alfred Nobel, a Swedish industrialist and inventor of dynamite. In that first year prizes were awarded in the field of Literature, Physics, Chemistry, Medicine and Peace. Since 1969 prizes are also given in the discipline of Economics. The Nobel Prize for Literature is decided by theSwedishAcademyand has been awarded every year since 1901, except in 1914 and 1918, because of the First... more


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