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Study Spanish in Spain: Spanish courses at universities and Spanish schools to enjoy in a range of tourist destinations. Our Spanish language schools offer intensive courses, combined with cultural and sporting activities. Here you can a Spanish course that's perfect for you.

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Come to Spain: learn about documentation to study Spanish, visas, embassies, consulates, customs and tourist offices.
The weather in Spain. Information on average temperatures in cities to study Spanish in Spain.
Information on health and safety for students who want to learn Spanish in Spain.
Currency, payment, tips, taxes and more information to study in a Spanish school.
Information for your free time after Spanish classes in the school: business hours, opening times, Spanish holidays.
Tips to study Spanish in Spain on postal services, transports in Spain, international communications and Internet.
Spain and its regional languages and religious cults, to understand the culture of Spain and the Spanish people.
Driving cars, animals, measurement system, electricity, water, claims, Spanish culture and Spanish cuisine...

Universities, Spanish schools and accommodations: Student comments

Residencia Galileo Galilei Valencia
Excellent place to study Spanish in Spain. I was thinking that the weather in Spain was very nice and I chose to study in this country. It´s wonderful. I make many friends in the Spanish classes and also in this accomodation. The... more
Dime Barcelona Barcelona
Dime is a spectacular school and I think it is probably the best one in Barcelona. The teachers are truly amazing and they manage to make the classes both fun and productive, they push you to do your best with creating and different ways.... more

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In the café... All types of coffee in Spain (2/2)
This is a continuation of the types of coffee mentioned in the previous post. In this second part we list all decaffeinated coffees, with brandy and other combined, to clarify students of Spanish courses in Spain the typical varieties of our country. We can add to the list: "Descafeinado de máquina", it is an espresso made with decaf coffee. "Descafeinado de sobre", variant of instant coffee or coffee extract dehydrated in its decaffeinated version . Both, decaffeinated machine and decaf envelope are compatible... more


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