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don Quijote Residence Vallehermoso Madrid
It was a great choice. The residence is in an area with many shops and bars to the best Spanish immersion. I liked the residence and met wit good friends. more
Dime Barcelona Barcelona
Everytime someone compliments me on how good my Spanish is, i think of Dime :) I took the intensive course (although i missed some morning classes because of Spanish night life :) and only after a couple of weeks, i was able to communicate... more

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Origin and history of Spanish (4/4): From Castilian to Spanish.
The word Castilian for the language was used for a long time as reference to Castille, the place were it originated. In 1925 the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) officially adopted the term “Spanish” to refer to the language. It was after the 15th publication of the dictionary that it started being called the dictionary of the Spanish language. In the 14 previous editions it was called Castilian language. That moment coincides with determined circumstances when a great literary production was generated in America.... more


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